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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report, Ft Lauderdale fishing trips

Ft Lauderdale fishing trips
Ft Lauderdale fishing trips

The picture tells it all. There are some Dorado passing through our near shore areas. The schools are typically smaller and it takes a little extra sometimes to draw a bit as they are often focused on the flying fish. This fishing will only get better as the month progresses. Also pictured are some “Little Tunny” aka Bonito. They are passing through in tightly compacted schools and very quick to bite. There are some Sailfish in our area and we have taken them on live as well as dead bait. Quite a few of the Sailfish we raise to the live baits fished out of the kites are acting a bit lethargic and fussy. No crash bites here. They are becoming more aggressive as the moon fades. Most of this is taking place within 200 feet of water.

Shark season is beginning and we are seeing more Hammerheads in addition to the typical round nosed ones recently. Few bigger one yet with most being 7 feet or less but the larger females will be along soon. 350 to 450 feet for them has been best.

Grey Tiles and Vermillion Snapper have been few with the Goldens bitting better beginning in 580 here off Ft. Lauderdale.

Our typical forecast is above 85 now and the sun is bright and strong. Sunscreen and a hat should be on your list. Winter has gone and it is dry with South winds for several days now.

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