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Ft. Lauderdale Fishing = Family Fun aboard Marlin My Darlin

Fort Lauderdale Family Fishing

Many of our Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Charters here aboard the Marlin My Darlin are family groups. And by family we don't mean just mom and dad and the kids. Grandparents and siblings of mom and dad are often members of our charters here. A couple of weeks back Ron who is a regular aboard here brought his dad out for father's day. Dad is 87. Brought his three kids along as well and we had a great time.

As I say Ron is a regular client, but up to this charter it was all his business associates and clients. For the third straight winter we had the men of the Williamson family offshore. These guys are two brothers who bring their families here in February to escape the winter up north for a few days. Two dads and their kids, the wives hit the beach and pool on this charter.

But lots of wives and gals do join us aboard and they typically have a really good time. Ladies require a clean boat and a spotless restroom, and that's the way we do it here. Throw in a little "Lady Luck" and sometimes a gal gets bragging rights to the largest fish caught on the charter.

We provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for families. If mom feels that the little one needs to wear a life preserver it's not a problem and the life preserver comes out and on. We take time with children and adults as well to familiarize everyone with the boat, tackle and baits. Kids like to ask a lot of questions and we field them all, and it's easy. We have kids ourselves. Teenagers like to talk Sharks and we can talk Sharks as long as they wish.

So moms, dads, kids big and small, grand moms and grand dads have all been here before. Just let us know what you would like to see in the fish box and we'll have a fun relaxed day working with you to make that wish become a reality.

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