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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Swordfishing Trips

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South Florida sport fishing offers anglers a unique opportunity to target one of the world's premier deep sea inhabitants, the Atlantic Swordfish. Swordfish can be found in many of the deep seas of the world, but Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida offers exceptional fishing opportunities. The Fort Lauderdale fishing area (along with Miami) enjoys the geographical good luck of being very near the Gulf Stream, and very deep water. When you pair this with natural bottom contours offshore, for example, the Hollywood Hills area off Ft. Lauderdale, the result is an angling bonanza for Swordfish. This is TRULY deep sea fishing as water depths range from 900' to over 1400'.

The Swordfish is essentially a nocturnal feeder; hence the vast majority of them are taken at night. Around dusk the Swordfish leaves the safety of the bottom and swims to or near the surface of the ocean in search of its prey. When the sun goes down, it is dinner time for "The Gladiator of the Seas".

FACT: The greatest animal migration on Earth takes place every day of our lives. The place it occurs is in our oceans, and it happens every night when animals large and small (billions of small) rise from far below in the deep seas to or near the surface to feed, and in turn, be fed upon.

Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charters

Our Ft. Lauderdale Swordfish fishing tours (charters) are eight hours. We typically leave about one and a half hours before sunset. We set a course offshore just south of southeast to compensate for the typically 3 to 4 knot northerly current of the Gulf Stream. On our way out to the Gulf Stream we welcome the opportunity to take a mini "fishing tour" around any fishy looking areas and flotsam. We also slow down for mini fishing tours in the vicinity of "working" seabirds. The primary target species on these mini "fishing tours" is Dolphin (aka El Dorado or Mahi Mahi). These stops in interesting areas often result in some bonus catches of Dolphin... and then we pick up and run, again to our primary objective and target area... the Swordfish grounds.

Some of the Swordfish baits of choice are whole dead (10 to 12") Squid. Tinker Mackerel or Bullet Bonita of 8" to 12" are fished either dead or alive, and large Blue or Rainbow Runners up to 15" long are fished as live baits only. Most baits are fished 75 to 400 feet down. We occasionally catch Swordfish right on the surface.

We fish 4 and 5 baits at a time and each one has some sort of illumination device, whether it be a battery operated strobe light or a cylume type "light stick". We also carry the finest boat side Swordfish light on the market, the "Swordlight", which draws baitfish and Swordfish alike to the very side of the boat. It is not uncommon to see a free swimming Swordfish right at boat side. When this occurs it gives us the opportunity to "pitch" a bait to a visible and hopefully hungry Swordfish.

Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Sport Fishing Trips for Swordfish

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When deep sea sport fishing for Swordfish, it is important to have a boat and crew capable of handling the demands of this night time fishery. The Marlin My Darlin is one deep sea fishing boat that is fully equipped, ready and capable for this deep-sea swordfishing arena.

We fish Shimano and Penn International tackle exclusively for Swordfish. 30# to 80# tackle is at your disposal. All necessary local, state and federal licenses are included in your fishing tour on our Ft. Lauderdale charter vessel.

The Marlin My Darlin holds a Highly Migratory Species permit which allows us to keep one legal sized Swordfish for each deep-sea angler. A "legal sized" Swordfish is roughly over seven feet plus in total length from the tip of its bill to the end of its tail, which will meet the Federal Fisheries criteria of 47" from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork in the tail. That example is just what a legal size swordfish is, they actually grow much much larger. The swordfish truly is a BIG game billfish.

Swordfish are a worthy adversary for any deep-sea angler. Their flat, long bill and powerfully built body coupled with the neon blue/ purple coloration makes them a truly magnificent sight. Strong and fast, amazingly agile, the swordfish has only one natural enemy, the Mako Shark (which we encounter occasionally on swordfish charters), and the Mako must carefully choose his opportunity to have a chance at snipping off the Swordfishes tail and rendering him helpless. Swordfish are faster and capable of defending themselves unless caught un-aware.

The Marlin My Darlin abides by and follows Federal Guidelines for our fishery. Borderline length Swordfish will not be gaffed. We, and hopefully you as our anglers, would wish to give them every chance at maturity if they are undersized and therefore, released. Save the resource (and what a GREAT one it is) for our children and grandchildren to come. Play by the rules... we do. It's called "Sport fishing", and our playground is the warm current known as the Gulf Stream, meandering through the Atlantic Ocean... a beautiful deep sea blue... and right in our back yard...

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