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Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing for Kids

Feel 100% comfortable bringing a kid on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip. Marlin My Darlin Sport Fishing is kid friendly and kid safe. Although we talk about all the big fish we catch, the excitement, and the fun adventures we ALWAYS put safety first. We have created an environment that provides good clean fishing fun for children while at the same time keeping everything on the boat absolutely safe. We have all the electronic safety gear, life jackets, and everything else on board that is necessary to ensure not only the safety of our very young anglers but also ensure the safety of all adults too.

Did you fish when you were a young child? If you did then you know you still carry those memories you experienced on those fishing trips. We forget many things from our childhood but going fishing is not one of them. Bring a kid on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip and I guarantee you are exposing them to a clean and fun activity that they will remember and possibly stay involved in for the rest of their lives.

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Kids of all ages! Memories that last a lifetime....... Fort Lauderdale fishing for kids

I had it first!! Gimme. OK you win let's be friends. Fort Lauderdale fishing for kids

Mine is BIGGER!
Fort Lauderdale fishing for kids

When we get older we need a boat like this!
Fort Lauderdale fishing for kids

This fish is almost bigger than me!
Fort Lauderdale fishing for kids

Look in the Fort lauderdale fishing gallery so you can checkout more Fort Lauderdale fishingtrip pictures from on board the Marlin My Darlin sportfishing boat. Come fishing with us and the next time you visit the website you may see yourself in the picture gallery posing with your own catch of the day. Good Day!


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